Let's Talk About Ichiro's Spraychart For A Second

On Sunday, Ichiro added 3,000 MLB hits to his Hall of Fame resume. The 42-year old has been electrifying his whole career, and is one of, if not the best hitters of this generation. Check out his 3,000th hit, which was a triple on Sunday at Coors Field.

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Ichiro's illustrious career was built upon driving the ball to all fields, showing discipline at the plate, and using his elite speed to the best of his advantage. His career spraychart, filled with all 3,000 hits, really puts his talent into perspective. 

That chart is a thing of beauty. If you wanted to talk about driving the ball anywhere in the park and just making contact, you have to look no further than Ichiro. I didn't even think a spraychart like this would be possible. Nowadays, managers have the shift on for every other hitter because their tendencies on this chart all trend in one direction. On the other hand, Ichiro caused nightmares for defenses with his unparalleled speed, and an exceptional approach every time he stepped to the plate. Just look at those yellow dots, all doubles, distributed perfectly across the field. Incredible stuff, and an incredible career Ichiro has put together. First ballot Hall of Famer 5 years after he decides to hang them up.