A-Rod Will Hang Them Up This Friday

What a whirlwind the past week has been for the New York Yankees. From debating whether to buy or sell, to unloading for a plethora of new prospects, Tex announcing his retirement at the end of the season, and then of course the mysterious A-Rod presser. 

Yesterday, news broke that there would be a press conference with A-Rod, Girardi, and GM Brian Cashman this morning at 11. It remained a secret for 12 hours (somehow), and then A-Rod finally spoke for himself... have a look. 

Alex will play his last game Friday, at home, against the Tampa Bay Rays. He will then serve as a team adviser/instructor for young players.

It's hard to imagine what A-Rod has had to go through in his career, but most of it he put on himself. Nevertheless, the man was a tremendous baseball player that is probably inside the Top 5 to ever set foot on the diamond. After the PED saga in 2013, A-Rod was suspended for a full year of baseball. In 2015, he came back with a vengeance, belting 33HRs at age 40. 

As a kid growing up, I always idolized Alex, and when news broke about him using steroids I couldn't believe it. However, some part of me thought that he really never needed them, and just used them to try to make himself the greatest player of all-time. A-Rod's 2015 season proved that he never needed them to get ahead, which is the saddest part of it all. 

The truth of the matter is that sometime in 2003, Alex said to himself, "I am going to do whatever it takes to not only be the best, but the greatest to ever do it." There is no doubt that he took those measures, and the way baseball was back then, it was hard to blame him. In 2010, as Rodriguez was honing in on the youngest player to reach 600 home runs, he made the same bad decision. 

We will forever be left with the hypothetical questions regarding his steroid use. When did he take them? What if he didn't take them? What would his numbers look like then? The reality of it is that we will never, ever, know and it really does not matter. 

This is a time of transition for Yankees fans, something people under the age of 25 have really never seen in their lives. The removal of Alex Rodriguez is the last domino falling from the dreadful post-2009 contracts, and it had to be done.

With Tex and A-Rod both gone by seasons end, I wanted to share this highlight of the best Yankee game I've ever attended.

Pure electricity, hands down the best game I've ever been to in my life. That's how I'll remember the both of them, as the vicious competitors that they were. Where one door closes, another one opens, and the Yankees have the plans in order to get back to winning. I'm happy to hear that Alex will continue to be a part of the Yankees, and join as an adviser/instructor. This will be absolutely pivotal for the youth they have coming up to the big leagues, and A-Rod is the man for the job. 

Say what you want about the man, but Alex Rodriguez did whatever it took to win, and for that, I have nothing but respect him.