Is Cashman a Borderline Genius?

Look. I'll be the first to admit it. I thought the Yanks would be vying for the AL East or at least getting that #1 wild card. When Cashman brought in Chapman in the winter I was stoked. With the move, the Yankees would essentially be playing 7 inning games with a virtually unstoppable back end of the bullpen. No Runs DMC Yanks fans called it. What could go wrong?

Well, here we are. It's July 26th, the Yanks are 4.5 out of the 2nd Wild Card spot in the AL. What the hell happened? George is rolling over in his grave.

A non-productive offense happened. Having only 1 of your 5 starters being productive. The only thing that WAS productive up to this date? No Run DMC. Betances, Miller and Chapman were filthy up to this point. Arguably the greatest trio of any bullpen baseball has ever seen. Only losing 1 game in 24 appearances. Unfortunately, the Yanks just couldn't win games.

It's no secret that Randy Levine and the Steinbrenner brothers want to win at all costs. The Yanks are never labeled as losers and have never "sold" at the deadline. Cashman was in a tough spot.

Smart, logical, real Yankee fans are telling upper management to sell. But the everyday, nonchalant Yankee fan wants the team to get a spot. With an almost non-productive offense and starting pitching staff? 4 months into the season. This team is not going to wake up any time soon.

Or are they?

The Yanks opened up the 2nd half of the season with a monumental, do or die 10 game homestand with 3 powerhouse playoff teams. What'd they end up doing? Oh, only losing 4 of the 10 games against the Sox, O's and Giants. To buy or sell?

Monday, the Yanks headed down to Houston. 4.5 out of the 2nd wildcard and 3 games back of the Stros for 3rd place in the AL Wild Card. Cashman made the first move. Trading Chapman to the North Side of Chicago to the Cubbies.

Lets make one thing clear: This is the best move of Brian Cashman's Yankee Career.

Absolutely brilliant. The Yanks got away with highway robbery by giving up Chapman. I genuinely believe Chapman will be back in the BX in April. He's a free agent come season's end. In return, the Yanks got 2 of the Cubs best prospects and Adam Warren who was pretty solid for the Yanks in the past.

With the move, Cashman really showed off his GM'ing skills (if that's a thing). It felt like he turned off the trades switch in Madden in his trade with the Cubs so that they'd basically accept anything, #Cheatcode.  By no means does this move mean the Yanks are waving the white flag. With the way this team is playing, no fan should believe that. Yes, Chapman was outstanding for the Yankees but he was not a necessity. Miller and Betances are still a great duo and had tons of success when the Yanks made the playoffs last season.

The Yanks will listen to offers for players like Beltran, Nova, Miller and Gardner. But they won't push it. This road trip is huge. They need to take 2/3 in H-Town and a sweep down in the Bay before playing a big Subway Series for the 2nd year in a row.

The Yanks will make some minor moves at the deadline to improve this team but I think the Chapman trade is sufficient. The Yanks got younger, improved their farm, all while staying competitive.

The offense is clicking, Pineda showed up last night, and still one of the best pens in all the league.......uhhhhhh hey JJ.....ARE WE BACK?



Devin Buonanno