Breaking Down the Chapman Move


Aroldis Chapman gets shipped to the Cubs in exchange for a four-player package. The crown jewel of the 4 guys is shortstop Gleyber Torres, the 15th overall ranked prospect in the country. They will also get Adam Warren back, and acquire minor league outfielder Billy McKinney. The fourth player in the deal has yet to be identified. 

I don't hate this deal, but I don't love it. Now look, this Torres kid is a stud and could easily be the starting 3rd baseman for the Yankees in under a year. However, I look at the value that Chapman has compared to Beltran, and mirror that off what the Yankees really need. I'm a bit disappointed they did not push Chapman for a young and talented starting pitcher. Both the Indians and Nationals have deep farm systems, and while I'll never know the extent of trade discussions Cashman had with them, you never know if they missed the opportunity for something even better. 

Torres is batting .275 this season in Class-A ball, with 9HR, 47RBI, and 19 stolen bases

Torres is batting .275 this season in Class-A ball, with 9HR, 47RBI, and 19 stolen bases

Nevertheless, I am happy that this team is fully committing to sell mode. It just had to happen. As much as Hal knows (or completely doesn't know) that George is turning over in his grave, selling at this trade deadline is for the greater good of the franchise. With Chapman sold, the Yankees have already formulated a combination of young players for years to come. Their 2018 lineup could easily consist of 7 out of 9 guys under 30, something the Yankees have not had in a very, very long time. I think of Greg Bird, Aaron Judge, Didi, Castro, Refsnyder, and now Torres, and see a very bright future. (The 7th player's name is Bryce Harper, you might have heard of him).

The reboot of this team was inevitable, and honestly, they are not even completely out of it. This team is just 4.5GB of a playoff spot, and Beltran will be moved for something good this week. 

Right now, Brian Cashman is a very busy man, with pivotal decisions looming above his head. Teams want Beltran, teams want Miller, and if the price is right, he needs to capitalize. Yes, they are only 4.5GB, but this team is not winning a World Series this season. Bag it, and do whatever it takes to contend in the upcoming seasons. Miller will stay unless the trade is heavily in the Yankees favor, but Beltran will be gone before August 1st. This is a golden opportunity for them to get a return on their investment, and it'll certainly be interesting to see what kind of players are shopped around for Beltran. 

As for the Cubs, boy does Chapman make you a step closer to erasing the century-long curse of the billy goat. This team was in dire need of a left-handed reliever, and now they have the best in the business. Now this is going to be a long week before August 1st, but the Cubs are looking like the most complete team in my eyes, and the favorite to take it home in October. 


Side note:

Cashman would be out of his mind not to whsiper Jacoby Ellsbury's name in these trade deals. The guy has been an absolute disaster for us, and freeing up the cash tied to him would be a piano lifted off the Yankees back.