The Best Course of Action for the Yankees

You've heard all of the trade rumors, you've heard about everyone who is "safe", and who is going be marketed, but that will all be mere speculation until we see what we wake up to on August 1st.

The fact of the matter is that the 2016 New York Yankees are by no means a playoff-caliber team. With their heads barely bobbing over the .500 mark (48-47), it's no secret this is not a Yankee team of the 90s or 00s. With an aging lineup, mediocre production from keys cogs, and a turbulent starting rotation, I am genuinely surprised this team is over .500. Just have a look at the numbers. 

These are honestly numbers of a team that is 10 games under .500. As a Yankees fan, the most disappointing thing is that there has not even been many injuries in 2016, just abysmal play and production. Yet they have found a way to toy with both GM Brian Cashman and Owner Hal Steinbrenner's brains about whether to buy, sell, or hold at this trade deadline. 


Frankly, if this team does not sell, I am scared for the upcoming years. Selling Beltran and Chapman when their stocks are high will enable you to get someone in return from a contender, instead of watching them rot and debating whether or not to open your pockets in December. 

Carlos Beltran is turning back the clock this year, as he is hitting a whopping .300 with 20HR and 60RBI. Any team worth its name that is pursuing a championship would welcome him in with open arms. Have a quick look at this table of Beltran's playoff statistics. He is the best postseason hitter of the 21st century thus far.

Cashman would be silly not to market Beltran as anything short of the best postseason hitter of this generation, which he is. For his sake, I hope Beltran goes to a contender and is able to pursue the ring he so desperately wants, and deserves. Sadly, August 1st cannot come and go and Beltran still be in pinstripes. It just would not make sense for either party. The Yankees can definitely get at least a mid-level prospect in return for Beltran, but probably not someone like Zach Wheeler (as the Mets received for him in 2011). For me the Giants, Royals, Nationals, Rangers, and Dodgers are all in play for Carlos. 

Chapman has impressed in 2016 with 40Ks in 28.1 innings with 19 saves and a 0.92 WHIP

Chapman has impressed in 2016 with 40Ks in 28.1 innings with 19 saves and a 0.92 WHIP

The flame-throwing lefty is a no-brainer acquisition for a contending team, but he will come at a cost. Just a few nights back, he showed that he has not lost any power on that fastball of his. 

The Rangers, Indians, and Nationals are all in play for Chapman, and will have to give up a quality player to get him. I could see the Yankees being able to negotiate a package deal for a middle of the way everyday player, along with a highly touted prospect. Chapman gives a team strength at the back end of the bullpen without a doubt, the only question will be how he fares in those pressure situations in October, which he has yet to experience. 

Side notes:

- I would not hate seeing the Yankees go full-sell mode, and try to finesse a trade involving Ellsbury or Gardner, both of which have disappointed in the 1-2 holes. 

- Andrew Miller will stay in pinstripes unless there is an offer that blows Cashman away.

- People are talking about cutting A-Rod, which won't happen as he stills brings too many people to the park and is closing in on 700.