Still Trying to Wrap My Head Around Giancarlo Stanton's Power

61 homers.

Average distance of 445 feet. 

27,187 feet worth of homers hit.

More than 5 miles cumulative of home run distance.

Un. Believable. At 6-6 and 249lbs, it's no secret that Giancarlo is a monster by any standard. His size, athleticism, and raw strength enable him to put the ball a longggg way. Giancarlo actually describes it as a "tap" as he watches the ball launch into orbit at 100+ mph speeds. I'm a normal person so I don't understand what that exactly means, but I can't not believe him. 

Coming into the Derby, Giancarlo has been on fire with the bat. Just as I predicted in my Worst Performing Sluggers of 2016 blog, it appears he has found his power stroke.

After ruining the Mets last week with 4 homers in 4 consecutive at-bats, Giancarlo took home the trophy last night after out-slugging defending champion Todd Frazier in the final round. 

Check out the highlights, and be amazed.

In case you forgot, here he is hitting a 510-foot shot at the 2014 Derby...

Quite the night for Giancarlo as he once again showcased his non-human hitting ability. The guy is really just another species. 

PS - Mark Trumbo with honorable mention for hitting 9 homers on 9 pitches and this one off the scoreboard in left. 

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