2016 T-Mobile Home Run Derby Live Blog

First off, this new format is electric. I LOVE the 30 second bonuses and I LOVE the time limit instead of outs. These guys are hitting hot streaks and going absolutely off and it's exhilarating to watch to be honest.

Quarterfinals Pair 1: Corey Seager vs. Mark Trumbo

Props to Seager here for starting it off. Always tough to do with a new format that few have ever dealt with before. Originally I thought the round he had was really impressive, until Trumbo came out and hit a bajillion ding dongs in a row. He ended up winning the round by one homer but after the slow start he had the guy went on an absolute tear to pull out the W.

Quarterfinals Pair 2: Robinson Cano vs. Giancarlo Stanton

Uh yeah, good luck Robbie. Just watched Giancarlo hit the moon at least 15 times in his round, so if your Robbie Cańo I feel like you just give up at this point. Stanton hit 24 dingers, so Cano is really going to have to step up his game to pull this one out of his hoo ha. A minute left for the guy and it's looking like he's just getting warm up hacks for tomorrow at this point. Let's wrap this round up and maybe just punch Giancarlo in for the finals. Cańo ends with seven, which is the worst score thus far, so while he was going up against a behemoth of a man that output would have literally beat nobody. Adios Robbie.

Quarterfinals Pair 3: Wil Myers vs. Adam Duvall

Wil Myers will hit first in this pair. The hometown guy definitely has some major pop, and I've always loved the no batting gloves look. He'll have his brother throwing to him, and from what I'm seeing so far the guy is an awful BP arm, literally hit Wil in the ribs on the fourth or fifth pitch. Myers seems to be working around it so far though. Seven homers through 3 and a half isn't too shabby, especially going up against Duvall. Using his timeout with with about 1:15 left on the clock. I imagine he's gonna recharge and get back to neutral. Wil ended his round with 10, which seems about right. Let's see if it's enough to put away the youngster Duvall.

Duvall's on fire here to start off. 10 ding sauces up within the first two minutes, easily going to put away Myers here no problem. They literally called it with a buck forty left on the clock. Pretty sure we just watched murder on live television, really liked the way this manboy swung the stick from the right side, really McGwire-esque minus the juice.

Quarterfinals Pair 4: Carlos Gonzalez vs. Todd Frazier

Cargo will hit first with this pair, and honestly I really like his chances against the defending champ. I always thought Frazier winning was a fluke and that everybody else just blew it so he snuck in. Maybe that's just me being a dickhead but I don't really care, Cargo's got as sweet a swing as any from the left side so as long as he stays consistent with the pull he should fair pretty well. Took his timeout at 2 minutes, which I think is a pretty good call. Just incase he get's any bonus time at the end he'll be super fresh for it. Very iffy on the end score of 12. Especially with a vet like Frazier as competition, I think somewhere around 15 would've been a much safer score.

Todd takes his timeout with 2:15 left on the clock. With 7 at the break it looks like he should be able to pull this one out especially with the fire pace him and his brother are maintaining here. Easy peasy lemon squeezy for Frazia. Didn't even need the bonus to top Carlo's 12. Dude knows what he's doing and killed this format last year, so he's got an advantage going forward for sure. So the semis are now all set. We've got Giancarlo and Trumbo on the one side and Duvall vs. Todd Frazier on the other side of things. Stanton vs. Trumbo should be electric so very much so looking forward to that. Keep ya posted.

Semi-finals Round 1: Giancarlo Stanton vs. Mark Trumbo

Helluva match up here. Giancarlo started it off with 17 and Trumbo is currently hitting. Pretty sure they've both hit the scoreboard multiple times, just inhuman shit going on right now between these two. Trumbo's doing fine, but he's definitely going to have to pick it up if he wants to catch G. Should be aiming for about 13 or 14 before his bonus which he already locked up. He ended with 12 before the +30 bonus. Gonna be really tough to hit 5 in 30, especially after rolling over as much as he did towards the end there, Mark definitely looks a little bit tired here.

Giancarlo ends up pulling it out by 3 dingers as Trumbo couldn't hit a hot enough groove there at the end. At this point G's surpassed anybody who can remotely match his power, so it's really just a matter of him staying locked in.

Semi-finals Round 2: Todd Frazier vs. Adam Duvall

Duvall's starting things off here, quietly sneaking his way into the semis. Got a really nice line drive swing but seems to be pretty tense here to start off. Took his timeout with only a minute left, but I presume that's only because he just hit like 7 in a row before it. Good time to take a breath and get right back after it while the stick's still hot. Duvall closed it out with 15 which is a good score, but might not be good enough going up agains the Toddfather. I just see Todd managing the clock like a wizard and poppin out 16 wall scrapers like a sav.

At his timeout, Todd is sitting pretty at 12 dingers. At this rate he should definitely be able to close out Duvall, especially with the way he's dealing with this groove he's found, as he called his timeout literally right when he felt like he missed one. 

That was super quick. Came out of his timeout and murdered the competition. His strategy is absolutely flawless and I think because of that he's taken the fewest swings out of anybody in the semis. Not really sure how anybody is going to beat Giancarlo right now but we're about to find out if Toddy has the stones to take down the big man.

Finals: Giancarlo Stanton vs. Todd Frazier

Giancarlo is going to be starting off this final round, so if he really wants to relax after this first round and run away with this thing I'm thinking his magic number is 20. With two timeouts in the finals stamina shouldn't really be an issue, so look for these guys to swing hard and often. After his timeouts, with 45 seconds remaining G is sitting at 15, so if he can pump out 5 or 6 more with the bonus already locked up, I really think he should be okay. As I predicted Stanton ends with 20 in his final round which is a very good score. He looks absolutely exhausted and with the shape Stanton is in it seems hard pressed that Frazier won't drop dead before this thing is over. Don't think there's any shot he hits 20. 

Todd's got three homers at his first timeout. Got about 2:50 remaining so he for sure needs to up the anti. Did what he needed to do in-between timeouts as he's now at 10 but he still hasn't locked up the bonus. Not looking too good for Todd here as time is running out and it just doesn't look like he'll have enough juice. Giancarlo's gonna lock up this compo and become our Home run king this season. I think we can all agree the crown is with the rightful owner, because I really do not think Giancarlo Stanton is a human being after watching what I just watched.

P.S. How fucking stupid do you have to be as a parent to let your kid shag major league liners like that. I saw at least 10 toddlers out there that could barely walk, and they were takin one-hoppers to the shin that would make me wince. Parenting 101 people let's be smart here.   





Justin Ellick