BREAKING NEWS: The Yankees Won a Baseball Game

I was beginning to think I'd never see the day they scored more than a run, never mind WIN A GAME. This is the first time they have scored more than 2 runs since last Saturday, and against who? The Blue Jays pitching staff? That's honestly fucking embarrassing. Everyone in that lineup should be 110% humiliated, but the question has to be asked, is this who they are?

I certainly don't think so, but this team has been making it hard to believe the first two months of this season. They are a MEDIOCRE baseball team that will not make the playoffs this season if they don't get their shit together. Somehow, they snuck into the wild card game last year with an even worse team than they have now. Granted A-Rod and Tex were going off 365 days ago, but still...

The rotation looks more solid, and the bullpen is going to be good all year, that's just a fact. At this point, and I have said this before, we have to trust Girardi and Cashman to sort this out. I love the move to bring Refsnyder up, but throwing him in right field? Seriously? Chase Headley is a lost cause over there at third and some genius locked him up for another 2 years. The most discouraging part is seeing a team that has potential fail miserably. Essentially, that is what is happening to the 2016 Yankees, and nobody has an answer. 

Onto last nights game...

Pretty comical to say the least, they go up 5-1 and then almost blow it in the late going. Then Jesus resurrected and enabled Didi to feed Castro a shit toss and Castro still turned it. 

Jheeezeeee. That could have been very ugly being up by 1 run in that situation. But they finessed, I'll give it to them. However, the Yankees are going to need a whole lot more finesse if they want to be in the hunt this summer. Michael Pineda's start last night was by no means great, but encouraging. He tossed 3 scoreless innings to start the game before giving up an RBI single to Justin Upton in the 4th. Pineda's final line was something like this:

96 pitches through 5.2IP is a bit much, but I'm not going to complain. I still think he needs to trust his stuff more and really attack hitters early in the count. That is when he had most of his success last season, and where he has been total ass this year. Personally, I still have faith in big Mike, but I can honestly say I might not have if he threw another clunker last night. Pineda is a guy that has a lot more to prove to his teammates and fans, because a win once every 5 days can and will be the difference down the stretch. 

Yanks have an enormous series with Baltimore coming up, and they'll go with Nasty Nate to kick the series off. Taking two of three from Buck and the gang in Baltimore would be pretty nice, let's get it done boys.

PS- Don't let Ellsbury heat up