The 2016 Yankees Are Finished, And Will Have to Sell at Deadline

It's time to face the facts Yankees fans, this year just has not been our year. From the very beginning of the season, every facet of our game has been inconsistent besides the bullpen. 

The game two nights ago where we lost in the 9th after a long ass rain delay was where I gave up. They've now lost their last 4 games and have fallen 3 games under .500. It's a hole that they will be trying to climb out of the entire year, and they'll be lucky to have their head over water come Game 162. 

What's most amazing to me is that this franchise has not had a losing season since I've been born. Two decades of winning baseball is simply unbelievable, and a feat that no teams may ever accomplish in any sport. We've been spoiled as Yankee fans, and while it's disappointing to see the product on the field this year, you're a fool if you don't think they'll be back with a vengeance. 

The best way for that to happen is to sell one of the big 3 in the bullpen and Carlos Beltran at the trade deadline. Get the most value out of the most valuable players that you have. Anybody in the the big 3 Betances, Miller and Chapman will be able to provide for a contender come October in a major way. Carlos Beltran is no different, as he boasts a .332 career postseason average to go with 16HR and 40RBI. I could see an American league contender like the Indians make a run at him this month, and hopefully Cashman optimizes the deal to our advantage. 

In 5 career postseasons, Beltran is batting .332 with 16HRs and 40RBis

In 5 career postseasons, Beltran is batting .332 with 16HRs and 40RBis

The Cubs will make a push for one of three in the bullpen, it's just a matter of if the deal is right. Chapman is a free agent after this year, so my guess is they'll pursuit him heavily with no strings being attached. 

With Tex off the books after this year as well, the Yankees have the opportunity to free up a ton of cash heading into the offseason. They're going to need to upgrade in a lot of areas, and Cashman undoubtedly has a difficult task ahead of him. All you can do is hope for the best, but this trade deadline could impact the Yankees outlook for next year in a major way.