U.S. Open Preview, Odds and Predictions

Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennslyvania will play host to the 116th annual U.S. Open. Golf's second major of the year is set to be perhaps the most intriguing, so let's get right into it. 

First things first, Oakmont has proven to be a tremendously difficult course throughout the years. People are already saying that this could potentially be the biggest challenge golfers EVER face. On top of these claims, the weather will in be play in the early going. The AccuWeather forecast says the worst of the weather will come in the first round, and potentially the second as well. Tomorrow afternoon, severe thunderstorms will roll through, which could cause trouble for those with later tee times. The first group tees off at 6:45 a.m. ET. 

During the second round, showers could impact the early a.m. times, with it being mostly dry by the time the later groups tee off. As for Saturday and Sunday, the forecast looks optimal. Sunny and high-70s to low-80s. With that being said, it's going to be vital for these guys to get through the weather to put themselves in striking distance in the finals rounds. 

As for the conditions on the greens, I'll let this ridiculous video do the explaining.


via Oddsshark.com

via Oddsshark.com

Tough, tough, tough to bet the outright winner. However, if you're going to; here are my 3 guys. 

Hideki Matsuyama +3300

Matsuyama is just 24 and has two PGA wins

Matsuyama is just 24 and has two PGA wins

Matsuyama is a guy that always seems to hang around in major tournaments. He has two wins on tour and he's just 24-years old. The kid is also from Japan where he has won six tournaments over there as well. Even in last year's majors, Matsuyama was right there and perhaps just a shot or two away from being in striking distance in the late rounds. At +3300 odds, I don't see how you could go wrong throwing just a few bucks on him. 

Justin Rose +2000

Rose won the US Open in 2013

Rose won the US Open in 2013

The 35-year old is fighting a lingering back issue, but I think he's going to be comfortable and good to go. Rose has started in major tournaments so well over the course of the past year, he just has not been able to finish. The 10th ranked golfer in the world won the 2013 US Open, edging out Day and Mickelson. Rose had a top 10 finish at Augusta two months ago, and he will be poised to lift the trophy come Sunday. 

Rory McIlroy +650

McIlroy is a 4-time major champion, and he won the US Open in 2011

McIlroy is a 4-time major champion, and he won the US Open in 2011

You really can't go wrong with this pick, as Rory will have a chance to contend in every major tournament if he's on. Rory will be looking for his 5th major win at Oakmont this weekend. He says if he stays disciplined he will be able to remain in contention, and really I can't blame him. If you watched that video from before that's really all you need to know about what it's going to be like this weekend. The Irishmen will most certainly be playing for some metal come Sunday. 

In case you don't like any of those picks, or don't want to bet on someone to outright win it... Here are some of my favorite prop bets to take this weekend.

Lowest Tournament Round - 67 exactly +210

The odds at 66 and under are +190, while 68 and over are +130. Oakmont has proven to be an impossible course, and I just don't forsee anybody going lower than a 67 this weekend. I think a 67 would be stupid good, and when someone gets it that'll be the lowest. 

Top Lefty - Bubba Watson +125

Other options are Mickelson (-115) and Wilkinson (+700). So essentially you're betting that Watson finishes better than Mickelson, which is definitely going to happen. Phil hasn't looked great in 2016, he's drilled spectators in the head, no way Watson doesn't beat him. Easy money. 

Top 5 Finish - Spieth +225

There will always be haters, and people saying they are "worried about Jordan," but really he's on his way to being the best ever. Without a doubt him and his genius caddie Michael Greller are ready to take Oakmont head-on this weekend. I love watching him play and honestly, if there's anybody ready for these greens, it's him. 

Good luck and enjoy the tournament this weekend!