Are the Yankees once again "back?"

Every damn time the Yankees win a few games everybody is quick to pronounce them as back.  Now I wouldn't be surprised if the Yanks get smacked by Detroit today, but they looked phenomenal against the Angels this past series and continued their hot streak last night in game 1 against Detroit.  A 4 game sweep is impressive in itself, but these were strong wins too. The Angels had an early lead in 3 out of the 4 games and the Yankee bats fought back every time.  

Nova looked very solid last night and even though Eovaldi certainly did not have his best stuff on Wednesday, he did what all great pitchers do- he kept them in the game.  Meanwhile, the bullpen is as tough as ever even though I do think that Girardi is overusing the big 3 a little too much (they literally don't have anyone else that's good in the bullpen so it isn't his fault).  

As for last night's game, CC is back.  It has been a pleasure to watch that man pitch recently.  He has finally learned how to pitch with what he has (slower fastball, better slider) and it is obvious that he has been giving it all he has every time he pitches and I have to tip my hat to that.  We can only hope he can keep this up because he has been dominant.

Anyway, if the Yanks can keep this up they will be right back in the thick of the AL East division race and that's all we can ask for.  

Ps. Can't wait for the Yankees to throw down with one of the AL East teams. As this race gets tighter the tension is only going to build leading to the reignited spark in the Al East rivalry that we all badly miss.