The Yankees Are Impossible To Watch

Good god, I don't even know where to begin with this team. And by the way, when I say the Yankees are tough to watch, I mean I actually get sick to my stomach watching them. So I suppose I'll start with the root of their problems, the lineup. 

In their last 6 games, they have scored 2 runs or less in 5 of those 6 games. With just 1 run being scored in 4 of them!!!!! This Yankee team just cannot put it together at the dish, and it's not just A-Rod and Tex (both under .200), it's most of this lineup. Check out the box score from last night and look at how ugly these numbers are. 

Good GRIEF. It's no shocker this team is 27th in the MLB in total batting thus far, and that can only win you so many games.

Manager Joe G said yesterday, "It's hard when you're not hitting, because at the end of the day you can only win so many 2-1 games." 

For a team that's just three games below .500 with those type of numbers, they should consider themselves lucky. Being 7.5 back of the smoking hot Red Sox, who are 1st in the MLB in total batting, it's hard to forsee them winning this division. For me, there is only one solution despite being two months into the season, and that is to take affirmative action. Fire hitting coach Alan Cockrell, leave Brett Gardner on the curb, and bring up Aaron Judge. The Yankees are in big time trouble and need to be rescued FAST to get their season back on track. It's time to be out with the old, and in the with new, even if it means a brief rebuild phase this season. However, you can't discount the performance of the pitching and bullpen. Tanaka, Eovaldi, Sabathia, and even Nova at times have shown drastic improvements out there on the mound. But please for the love of god get Pineda out of there, he is a lost hope in what is otherwise not that bad of a rotation whatsoever. As for the bullpen, everybody knows the deal. They're the best in baseball but they are wasted because the Yankees haven't had a lead after 6 since Nam! My guess is one of them gets traded at the deadline...

Despite the recent successes of the pitching staff, no team in baseball is in more of a need of a facelift than the New York Yankees. They've been one of the oldest teams in baseball for years and it's getting agonizing to see these has-beens run out there day after day. Bring me a young spark, is it Jorge Mateo? Is it Aaron Judge? It has to be someone. And it has to happen NOW. 

There is no sugarcoating this anymore, or saying "oh, it's still early." I've seen enough to know that if this won't work for two months, it won't work for the rest of the year. Hal Steinbrenner has danced around obstacles to field a subpar team without opening his wallet. George is in his grave churning in pain watching this team struggle, and if Hal doesn't start acting more like his father, I'm scared to see where this team will be not only at the end of this season, but in the next few years.