Meeting Foul Ball Guy

So I wound up going to the game because a friend had some extra tickets. I had no idea where we were sitting and when we got to our seats on the short porch in right, I thought about one thing. This is foul ball guy's domain, where the hell is he? 

Sure enough, by first pitch he had strolled down there rocking his generic MLB logo hat and his customized glove. I went over to chat between innings and he's a pretty interesting dude, I must say. When I went to go dap him up, he insisted on a fist bump because he "fucked up his thumb trying to grab a home run ball" last week. Pshhh, rookie yabo snaggers being over aggressive and injuring the home run snatching king. Thankfully, Zach was able to power through and field his position on the short porch in right. I also had to mention Big Cat, and I just asked if they speak often, to which Zach said they keep in touch. Not sure what that means but I guess you can kind of take it for what it is. 

During the game, a couple homers were hit in our vicinity and he tried to run up and grab them, but to no avail. He purposely gets his seat on the aisle for the sake of maneuverability, which is truly a veteran play. You think this is a joke to him? Think again. This dude is hungry for balls, balls, and more balls, preferably home run balls. Guys got like 8 million of them in his house. Will he ever quit? Will he ever rest? Maybe when he dies, because the hustle never stops. 

If you're interested in finding out more about him, check out his blog here.