Yankees Climb Back to .500, Take Sole Possession of Third Place in A.L. East.

This is why the Major League Baseball season isn't over until 162 games have been played. Not even two weeks ago, the Yanks were 7.5 games back and in some fans' minds were past the point of no return when it came to getting their season back on track. At that time, they sat dead last in the AL East with virtually no signs of improving whatsoever. What people have to remember is that these are Major League Baseball players. I'm a strong believer in the fact that over the course of a 162 game season, guys that are known to produce will eventually find their stride and play up to their known potential. It seemed like nobody on this team knew how to hold a baseball bat two weeks ago, but over their last six games the bats have resurrected, and the Bombers are averaging over 5 runs a game over that span. With the pitching currently dominating the American League East, that's more than enough runs to get a win, especially with the way our arms are going.

The Yankees have won six straight, and with the near perfect game they played last night against the Jays, this team is really starting to show me and many other Yanks fans that when the stars align they can beat anybody, and with a fair amount of ease at that. Hopefully when A-Rod comes back he can slip right back into that 3-4 or 5 hole without disrupting the current flow of the offense.

With the way the Red Sox are playing this year, it could be Mission: Impossible to catch them, but I don't see any reason why the Yanks can't slide into that first wild card spot come September.