Yanks Carry Five Game Win Streak Home Against Jays

After completing the four-game sweep of the Oakland Athletics, the Yankees have found their stride as of late. Winners of five straight, things are starting to look a lot less gloomy than they did about 2 weeks ago. The bats are hitting with RISP, Carlos Beltran is on an absolute tear, and the pitching has certainly improved.

Tonight, they play host to the 22-24 Blue Jays, who have been inconsistent recently. Something they have not been inconsistent in, however, is pissing teams off. After Joey Bats finally got what was coming to him (a beautiful right hook to the grill) last week, Donaldson was thrown at multiple times against the Twins on Sunday. This team is not well-liked around the league right now and Donaldson went as far as saying the MLB should do something about it. What are they going to do bro? Make the ball not hit you? Maybe shut up and cut off your disgusting man-bun or whatever hairstyle you have going on. 

As for tonight, it’s RA Dickey (2-5, 4.50) against Nasty Nate (4-2, 4.44). In Nate’s last start, he retired 18 Arizona hitters in a row, earning the victory and sparking the Yankees to get on their longest win streak of the year. He was locating his fastball well enough where hitters were fooled when they saw that (at times) devastating slider of his. Eovaldi has nasty stuff there’s no denying that, he just needs to be more consistent and really focus on fine tuning his mechanics as the season progresses. Tonight I think will be a big test for him against a threatening Blue Jay lineup, and it will be interesting to see how he fares. 

The Yankee lineup tonight looks to put up a crooked number against the knuckleballer Dickey. The last time they faced a knuckler in fat dad bod Steven Wright, they looked foolish to say the least. However, this time around, the Yanks are getting more consistent contributions from guys like Beltran and Ellsbury. In Oakland, Beltran went 9-18 8RBI, and Ellsbury went 7-19 with a .500 flat on-base percentage. Castro and McCann have also been producing runs and hitting homers. 

More good news, A-Rod is playing a rehab assignment game tonight with Double-A Trenton where he will see a few at-bats. Since A-Rod has been on the DL, the team’s record has definitely been better, but everyone knows him just being in the lineup helps. 

Let’s go out tonight and make it six straight against these Canadian punks!