Bats Stay Hot as Yankees Take Game 2 From the Champs

A week ago the Yankees do not win that baseball game. For some odd reason, the bats have decided to wake up these last five games. It's not the reinstatement of Chapman or the starting pitching that is winning these games for us. Sure it helps to have Tanaka go seven but that was only because of his pitch count, which was eerily low on a night where he gave up six runs. Masahiro's been great all year, but his record doesn't show for it because the Yankees haven't been scoring runs for him. They picked a good night to back their ace up, and Tanaka was able to shut down the Royals and get the Yankees back into the dugout when he needed to, like that lightning quick 1-2-3 inning in the seventh. 

Like I said, if this game were played a week ago the Yankees lose this game 7-6 because their bats roll over and die. They seem to have an idea of what they're trying to do at the plate now and it's fascinating to watch. It's like, who knew major league baseball players were actually good at hitting the baseball? Well they are, and the Bombers aren't just hitting the ball, they're hitting it where they want. I haven't seen Didi Gregorius take a full swing since this home stand has started, but the guy has had some huge hits that have knocked in some big runs simply because of the fact that he's staying within himself. He's taking pitches that most guys wouldn't be able to do anything with and he's doing things with them. He doesn't care how he looks getting on base he just cares about getting there, and that's something every Yankees fan should drool over. 

It's not just Didi either, as the Yanks have been getting big hits up and down the lineup. After that dreadful slump with RISP to start the season, the guys seem to be more aware of the situations they're being presented and in turn have a much better idea of what they're trying to do with the baseball. A good chunk of this home stand remains, so hopefully the Yankees can stay hot and start to really chip away at the AL East deficit.